A Baby can turn to Stone in its Mother’s body

A Baby can turn to Stone in its Mother’s body


No one wants to win this award

Up to 90% of school leavers in Singapore suffer from myopia. It’s no wonder that we rank amongst the top 3 countries in the world for myopia prevalence.

The cause? Well we already know that kids in our hyper-competitive city-state, study – a lot.

That means staring at close distances, be it reading books or glued in front of mobiles and computers.

Like a bonsai tree is shaped to its environment, so too our eyes.

The cause? Well we already know that kids in our hyper-competitive city-state, study – a lot. That means staring at close distances, be it reading books or glued in front of mobiles and computers.

Like a bonsai tree is shaped to its environment, so too our eyes.

Other factors that worsen myopia

  • Diabetes (drink those bubble teas in moderation)
  • Higher socioeconomic status 
  • Pregnancy
  • Dietary causes such as lack of vitamins, selenium, or calcium (important components of the sclera in your eyes)

Should you ditch those specs so your eyes don’t get “lazy”?

It’s a myth that wearing glasses worsens eyesight. 

So please don’t go walking around dangerously half-blind 🦇 (I admit I did this for vanity’s sake when I was younger).

What about glasses that improve myopia? 

Unfortunately, pinhole glasses have not been proven to improve eyesight long-term. 

Stay tuned to this space however – some scientists have invented glasses that showed a reduction in myopia progression of 74%!


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1️⃣  Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19 – doctors say his age and weight may cause COVID-19 complications..oof.

2️⃣  Megadoses of viagra can cause vision problems in men. More is not better.

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A shark has 40 sets of teeth in their lifetime

It’s just too bad adult homo sapiens only have 1 set.

Which means that crooked teeth is something you’d have to live with forever.

Invisalign to the rescue

When I wore metal braces, they were ugly and uncomfortable. Dental hygiene was also a real pain – imagine flossing and brushing your teeth with wires running everywhere. 

With Invisalign, you can effortlessly straighten your teeth without any of the hassle associated with braces.

The best thing part? Freedom to remove your aligners, whenever you want, wherever you want. 

True to its name, it’s also virtually invisible!

Recommended by 9/10 dentists

That gorgeous, confident smile is within reach. Read the success stories of 8 million smiles and find an Invisalign-trained doctor in Singapore today. 


There are only 300 known cases of stone babies

The earliest documented case of a stone baby occured in 1554, Sens 🇫🇷.

Here’s what went down: 

  • A French lady went into labor. Her contractions stopped, but the baby never came out. 
  • She was bed-bound for 3 years and experienced strange abdominal pain for the rest of her life. 
  • After she died 28 years later, her husband enlisted two surgeons to autopsy her body.
  • They found “a scaly outer shell that contained shoulders and a head, two arms, knees bent towards the chest, legs and feet, fused together.”

Lithopedion—a never-born fetus that calcifies over time

“Stone babies” – or lithopedions occur when a pregnancy happens in the abdomen rather than the uterus, and is too large to be reabsorbed.

This triggers the process of calcification where the fetus turns to “stone”, which helps to prevent infection to the mother. 

The unborn baby can remain in its mother’s body for the rest of her life.

Ectopic pregnancies can cause death

Ectopic pregnancies, where the baby grows outside the uterus, are uncommon (2/100).

Most are detected early and terminated, since they can otherwise cause severe harm to the mother. Fewer than 2% of ectopic pregnancies end up as stone babies. They still happen, however. Over the past years, doctors have treated:


Weird & Wonderful

  1. Maybe the urinals were invented when a tall guy walked by a sink and thought “why not?”.
  2. They don’t let you smile in passport photos because they want you to look the same as if you were standing in line at customs for an hour
  3. When a pregnant woman goes swimming she is a human submarine
  4. Biting your tongue while eating is a perfect example of how you can still screw up, even with decades of experience.
  5. Amazon naming their products “fire” and “kindle” is pretty screwed up.

Feeling cute, might delete later

Imagine you finally whip up the confidence to IG post a selfie you feel good about.

And then some A.I. robot comes along to freaking ruin everything by telling you that you have heart disease. Welp, that may soon be reality. A recent study published in the European Heart Journal revealed a computer algorithm that can do just that.

But how? 

If you were thinking that the algorithm detected signs of aging associated with heart disease (like wrinkles and lumps of fat/cholesterol) – nope!

Instead, the computer program is able to analyse your blood vessels via a series of 4 photographs.

From this, its able to correctly pick up heart disease in 80% of cases – not perfect, but it’s certainly a start.

Your eyes are the windows to your health

Google isn’t far behind – its experimenting with a new AI algorithm that relies on eye scans to assess your heart health.   

Although the idea of looking at your eyes to judge your health sounds strange, doctors have been doing it for years to infer things like your blood pressure, age, and whether or not you smoke.

So the next time you decide to whip out your phone for a selfie: it might just save your life.


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