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AHEAD OF ITS TIME: Beyond the sex positions, the Kamasutra shared many modern ideas about women’s pleasure and homosexual sex — all from the third century.

I WILL GET TO IT LATER, OKAY?: Psychologists suggest that rather than personal poor time management, procrastination might actually have more to do with avoiding emotions you dread.

PICTURE OF THE DAY: In short, the five-second rule does not exist — bacteria don’t have legs but they travel way faster than that.

PRODUCT FEATURE: Before humans invented battery-operated vegetable dildos, they were carving phallic tools from siltstone.


The Big Idea:
Beyond the sex positions, the Kamasutra shared many modern ideas about women’s pleasure and homosexual sex — all from the third century.

Let’s talk about sex, baby. Let’s talk about you and me.

Sex isn’t exactly an appropriate dinner table topic with your parents — mostly because of how it can get pretty uncomfortable talking about something so intimate. This is especially so in a conservative Asian society where the birds and bees are usually not discussed. 

Thankfully, conversations about sex are alive and well in today’s media, and you can pretty much look up anything on the internet (not just porn).

Even Maslow’s hierarchy of needs tells us that sex is a basic physiological need, so it’s no surprise that sex is a hot topic no matter what century you’re in. This includes the third century, Kamasutra, a Hindu textbook about sex and love.

Sharing (the pleasure) is caring.

We’ve all heard about the Kamasutra and it’s pretty well known for its wide variety of sex positions — but little do we know, despite its ancientness, it’s actually got pretty modern ideas about sex and gender. Many of which we still practice till today. 

For example, it calls to respect women’s desires and rights to pleasure. And while that may seem like a big duh in 2021, bear in mind the Kamasutra was possibly written during a time women couldn’t even have an education. Yikes. 

The Kamasutra wasn’t wrong, though. This study found that sexual partners that take care to pleasure both their partners and themselves feel an overall increase of sexual and relationship satisfaction.

That’s right, gay people and gay sex have always existed.

The Kamasutra also acknowledges same-sex intercourse (hell yeah!) — affirming it “to be engaged in and enjoyed for its own sake as one of the arts.” 

For instance, it talks about a man, dressed as a woman, performing fellatio on another man. Yes, friends, it went there! Contrary to what many people assume, homosexuality has a vast history beyond liberal Europe and the freedom fighting United States.

If you’re still here for the climax — don’t worry, we won’t leave you feeling blue. We’ve got you covered with our Ultimate Kamasutra Guide Book for Better Sex downloadable PDF here!


5 Singaporean stories to catch up on

1️⃣ Brain games: The National University of Singapore has created a digital flight simulation game that could combat cognitive decline in the elderly.

2️⃣ A fine city: 104 people were fined for breaching Covid-19 safe distancing measures in our parks and beaches last weekend.

3️⃣ Take your pick! You can collect your TraceTogether tokens from any of the 108 community centres and clubs in Singapore starting next Monday, 1 Feb.

4️⃣ Aim for inclusivity: 1,200 new job opportunities will be created for peoples with disabilities in 2021, according to the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF).

5️⃣ Last journey: More than 3000 chickens died while in transport to Singapore over the last few days — as they were left in the heat for long hours due to traffic congestion.

And 5 facts to spice up your life:

1️⃣ Double trouble: A fire that broke out in Romania’s main hospital for COVID-19 patients killed five of its patients.

2️⃣  A teacher’s legacy: A student at Concordia University was surprised, to say the least when he tried emailing his prof to find out he was dead since 2019.

3️⃣ Swiper, no swiping! The personal data of up to thousands of people who took part in the Netherlands’ Covid-19 track-and-trace programme was stolen.

4️⃣ Third time’s a charm? In France, a third lockdown seems inevitable as infection numbers have crossed three million.

5️⃣ Take another shot: It is important to get both shots of the vaccine because the first one alone is less effective and will not give you complete immunity.


The Big Idea:
Psychologists suggest that rather than personal poor time management, procrastination might actually have more to do with avoiding emotions you dread.

Procrastination is bad, but you kinda’ already knew that, didn’t you?

How many ‘I’ll get to it later’s can you fit in one day? The answer is… never enough. Let’s face it — we procrastinate. A lot.

The funny thing is: We don’t like to procrastinate. It feels stressful. Does it even surprise you that procrastination in students is linked to worse academic results?

You’re basically giving your future self a harder time when you procrastinate.

Procrastinating can be caused by an emotional response to escape from stressors

But before you draw up yet another timetable or add another page to your bullet journal, hear us out. Instead of poor time management skills, some studies suggest that people procrastinate because they’re avoiding certain negative emotions.

Perhaps you have a report that you really don’t want to get to because it means having to call up three different clients — and they’re difficult af — so you shelve the report in a small, dark corner of your mind for future you to deal with.

Just please, ACT now

Okay, so telling you to “just get it over with” doesn’t usually help. But the ACT we’re talking about refers to a psychological practice called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy — an approach that could help you manage your constant putting off of work.

ACT encourages you to let your thoughts be thoughts — a.k.a. cognitive defusion.

Thoughts like “I can’t possibly do this report” are nothing more than bits of words and images — so don’t give them the power to threaten you! 

Basically, it means acknowledging your negative emotions and fears, but understanding that they are not part of reality and cannot hurt you. You most likely can get the report done — including tolerating your difficult clients.

So when you’re thinking of putting something off, tell yourself: “the only way out the tunnel is through it”, and hopefully that gives you the extra push. Of course, you don’t have to go through everything alone. Here’s our guide on seeing a psychiatrist in Singapore!


Weird & Wonderful

  1. The cast of The Office were actual coworkers.
  2. Taking your pants off after a long day at the office signals the end of a workday, but on a porn set, it’s the exact opposite.
  3. We never taste salt in most dishes, but we can always tell when it’s missing.
  4. We’re all just typos living in an autocorrect society.
  5. Every child’s first birthday party is technically a surprise birthday party.

Screen capture of Chandler and Rachel from T.V. show Friends eating cheesecake off the ground. By NBC.

The Big Idea:
In short, the five-second rule does not exist — bacteria don’t have legs but they travel way faster than that.

Five-second rule? More like the less-than-one-second rule.

Most of us have probably eaten the food we’d dropped on the floor before. Yes. It is gross. And most definitely shouldn’t be done during this Covid-19 period. But some say it’s hard watching food detour from your mouth to the ground. Hmm, okay.

There is a widespread belief that your food stays uncontaminated if it is picked up within five seconds of touching the floor. But that is not true!

Food researchers at Rutgers University examined a variety of foods after they touched different dirty surfaces — and found that bacteria can spread in less than one second. Wew.

The concept behind the 5-second rule is correct tho.

While the five-second rule itself isn’t right, the idea that longer contact time between the food and the contaminated surface heightens bacteria transfer is.

Quite expectedly, food that’s been on the ground longer becomes dirtier. I guess we’ve done dirtier things. Like youngins and the TikTok trend where they licked a toilet bowl.

Bacteria thrives in texture and moisture.

The textures of the food and the surface it was dropped on matters. Bacteria do not transfer fast from carpets to food; but with stainless steel and tiles, the transfer happens faster.

And with the food item, moisture seems to exacerbate the transfer. Yeah, imagine eating soggy noodles off the ground. Not a good idea.

The five-second rule is really an oversimplification of how food contamination works. And since we’re guessing you can’t run every food you’d dropped under the microscope to check — the best call may just be to say goodbye to anything that touches the floor.


The Big Idea:
Before humans invented battery-operated vegetable dildos, they were carving phallic tools from siltstone.

The oldest penis in the world was made of … stone. Ouch.

Sex toys come in all shapes and colours today — but do you ever wonder how our ancestors got around not having a dildo or a rabbit vibrator? …Yeah, probably not.

Well, ancient sex toys did exist.

Phallic tools, for example, have been found in various time periods and regions of the world. The oldest one we know was made of siltstone and over 8 inches (that’s around 20 cm) in length — and 1.1 inches in girth.

Kinks from the past

Kinks are not a modern invention, which probably means that Fifty Shades of Grey could’ve been big then too. Shout out to Marquis de Sade – the Father of BDSM fiction from the 18th century.

In the same century, brothels in England offered flagellation services to its male clients.

Today, we have the Smile Makers

Ultimately, what is arousing for some, may not be for others. Be it stone dildos, whips, or just your good ol’ fingers — we root for you to do only what makes you feel comfortable and good.

Lucky for us, we don’t have to use stones anymore! If you’re looking for modern-day sex toys to spice up your life, maybe try the vibrators from Smile Makers

Whether you’re looking for some nice clitoral stimulation or an intense g-spot massage, Smile Makers has something for you! Their vibrantly coloured and wonderfully named vibrators are all about making fun sexy — and making sexy fun.

Made from silicone, these vibrators promise to be quiet, phthalate-free, and waterproof. Just so you can enjoy your playtime discreetly and safely.


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