Can you get rid of eyebags permanently?


Rocking the latest season’s (eye)bags

Beauty trends come and go fast and easy — and that’s all part of the fun. Back in the day, people were shoving their mouths into shot glasses to get those perfect, plumped up Kylie Jenner lips.

TikTok’s latest one is less dangerous, but still quite Internet-shaking. People are now drawing on under-eyebags

Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know

We know what you’re thinking… Eyebags are trendy now?!

Eyebags come about simply because the skin under our eyes is delicate. And they can darken or sag due to a lack of sleep, ageing, excessive sunlight exposure, among other reasons.

They can make you look older or more tired. Most people don’t really wanna look like they slept three hours the whole of last week — even if they did sleep three hours.

As a result, under-eye concealers are really a big thing, and so are under-eye rollers, creams, pads, and more.

No need to bring out the knife

Unfortunately, there is still a mixed consensus on whether these under-eye products really work.

If you’re quite positively over them, many non-invasive eyebag reduction procedures are available today! Some make use of laser and filler techniques that are so quick — you’ll be able to get them done over your next lunch break.

But of course, if you’re not quite sure, you always have the option of rocking them like a new Prada off the runway. We’re all for loving being in your own skin, however dark or purple.

If you’re interested to find out more about non-invasive ways of removing your eyebags, we have a webinar with medical director and aesthetic doctor Dr Ram Nath and entrepreneur and billionaire heiress Kim Lim. on 20th January, at 8 p.m. Register free here!


5 Singaporean stories to catch up on

1️⃣ My cup of tea! NUS researchers concoct live probiotics coffee and teas that improve gut health.

2️⃣ Pigging out: Clementi mall rolls out a pork-free food court Boleh Boleh! which replaces pork and lard with chicken and vegetable oil. 

3️⃣ A New King: Burger King revamps its image for the first time in 20 years as it cuts out preservatives and rolls out a healthier menu.

4️⃣ Shit is getting real: Fecal matter with tons of good and bad bacteria are being studied in mice as it may hold the key to ageing and cognitive function.

5️⃣ Micro going Macro: Skin microbiome used by Singapore Beauty Startup Sequential Skin to help find the best regime for your skincare.

And 5 facts to spice up your life:

1️⃣  Prank’d: The first woman who graduated from medical school was admitted through a student-body vote that everyone took for a prank.

2️⃣  A less crowded train to Busan: In 2020, more South Koreans died than were born.

3️⃣ Monkey business? Gorillas at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park have tested positive for the coronavirus.

4️⃣ Expecting hardships: A survey has found that new and expecting moms are feeling extra anxious due to Covid-19.

5️⃣ Fake news alert! Google is launching a $3 million fund to support journalism that fact checks and clamps down on Covid-19 vaccine-related misinformation.


Age is just a number

Losing weight sounds hard and it may sound like an impossible feat as you get older. You think you no longer have the energy or fire of an eighteen-year-old who looks the world right in the eye.

How will you ever compete with the gym rats who wake up at 4 in the morning?

You’re a bit older now — and that’s okay.

New research shows that obese patients over 60-years-old can lose equivalent weight compared to their younger counterparts — all with some lifestyle changes, like taking a walk in the mornings.

It’s OK to be a boomer

There are many widely-held stereotypes about older people, such as them being less competent or productive or healthy.

And maybe it’s true that with age comes more health problems; and your mom still can’t figure emojis out! But there are many things older people are good at too!

Age like fine wine

Age doesn’t have to get in your way of living healthily. Even if you’ve lost some of your strength or speed, any activity is good. Experts don’t see any reason you’ll have to miss out on your favourite sport but recommend that you pay more attention to your body, especially as your muscles get tighter and your bones weaken.

So it’s time to drop the ageist mentality, tweak your routine, rock the greying hair and age gracefully as we celebrate United Nations Decade of Healthy Ageing.


Weird & Wonderful

  1. Refried beans are technically beanut butter.
  2. If it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile, then angry people’s faces are more ripped than happy people.
  3. A one-star review is still technically a “stellar” review.
  4. It’s easier to collect and leave the DNA of hundreds or thousands of other people at a crime scene than it is to prevent leaving your own.
  5. The outer layer of skin consists of dead skin cells. So when you look at someone you mostly see an already deceased part of that person.

Image of Clitoria ternatea by

Clitoria ternatea: The flower that resembles a clitoris

More commonly known as butterfly pea flower, the genus name of this beauty is Clitoria — meaning “from a human female genital clitoris” in Latin. Clearly, it got its name after the female jellybean. We found that pretty cool. What’s even cooler is that these flowers have medicinal properties too!

According to traditional Ayurvedic medicine, they hold a variety of herbal properties, such as  memory enhancement, anti-stress, anti-depressant, anti-convulsant, tranquillising, sedative properties. 

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) also uses these to treat sexual ailments like infertility and gonorrhea, as well as control menstrual discharge. It is also said to be an aphrodisiac (move over, oysters!)

They’re pretty too — adding hues of blue and purple to home decor and those Instagram-worthy bubble teas.


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