Nobody likes Asian Flush or the Hangover next morning, but we gotchu!

Nobody likes Asian Flush or the Hangover next morning, but we Gotchu!


Too red for the ‘Gram

Can’t take that night-out photo with your friends for Instagram cause you’re all red from drinking? That’s the Asian flush. 

An ugly photo is the least of your worries – it’s actually a literal red warning signal for you to slow down and start drinking water because your body’s having trouble processing all that alcohol.

It’s in our genes 

The Asian flush is a condition termed after East Asians (Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese).

Up to 50% of Southeast Asians are affected because our bodies can’t break down the acetaldehyde (alcohol’s main byproduct) fast enough. It builds up – causing our red blood vessels to dilate and before you know it, you’re a lobster.

This is bad because studies have shown that acetaldehyde damages DNA in a way that can cause cancer.

The magic pill

Singaporean startup, DrinkAid has a solution – a natural supplement that works by helping us break down the acetaldehyde. 

According to them, it helps you recover from the side effects of drinking and increases your alcohol tolerance. Our favourite part is that it helps with the dreaded morning hangover

Sadly, we haven’t tried these babies out – but if you ever find yourself with a nagging urge to see how much you can down until the 10.30 pm alcohol ban, now you can!

We’re kidding, drink responsibly

If you can’t tell the difference between an alcohol allergy from alcohol intolerance, check out this answer by Psychiatrist, Dr Ng Beng Yeong.


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You can’t always see sun damage

You may not remember that you stood under the hot afternoon sun a few days ago – but your skin did.

Sun damage shows up over time if you keep at it. It can lead to wrinkles, dark spots, and increases your risk of skin cancer.

All that exposure to UV rays account for 80% of your skin’s aging

Your skin needs some lovin’ too

Your skin is your largest organ, and it wants us to remind you that it needs some lovin’ too! You’re not too late though, cause sun damage is reversible.

If you haven’t been careful around that all year round summer sun, now’s a good time to start slapping on that sunscreen and sticking to your daily skincare routine.

Avalon’s also got you covered on that extra TLC, with their Stemcell Beauty Drink.

Their 100% natural and clinically proven ingredients aid your skin’s healing process and help deeply repair and rejuvenate damaged skin. 


Let’s get this bread… unless you’re gluten-intolerant, then maybe not

(For the uncultured or old: Let’s Get This Bread is a phrase commonly used to mean “let’s get/make money”, where the “bread” refers to money).

WWII was a hard (and hungry) time for the Netherlands.

The Nazis cut off the country’s food supply and river canals froze in the chilly winter.

The Dutch got creative, and resorted to tulip buds for sustenance.

Of course, people starved and suffered – but you know who seemed to be getting better? The children with coeliac disease

That was big news at that time, especially since coeliac disease meant a death sentence for children. Doctors knew of the disease, but didn’t know what caused it and how to treat it (yet). 

A banana a day keeps the doctor away?

American doctor, Sydney Haas, had previously promoted a banana diet as the cure because he believed that the disease was caused by complex carbohydrates like starch.

Although misguided, it worked – since bananas didn’t contain gluten either.

No more beschuit 🍞

It wasn’t until the Dutch famine during WWII that paediatrician, Willem Karel Dicke, discovered that wheat was the culprit

After experiments and observation, Dicke prescribed the following: absolutely no wheat. No bread. No beschuit. Maybe just the occasional biscuit. 

It worked instantly: there was a drop in mortality rate for children with coeliac disease, from 35% to nearly zero.

Skip the cup noodles too, gluten-intolerant friends

We Asians are not immune! Around 1.6% of us may have coeliac disease.

However, many cases go undiagnosed due to a lack of awareness, or a fairly gluten-light diet in Asian cuisines. 

Fun fact: your typical white rice is gluten-free (your glutinous rice ball and cup noodles, however, isn’t).

If you’re part of that 1.6%, you can find out more, as gastroenterologist Dr Andrea Rajnakova, shares her expert insights on managing coeliac disease

After which, you can get a quote for managing the disease here!


Weird & Wonderful

  1. The degree to which one hates mosquitoes is typically based on how much mosquitoes love them.
  2. There’s absolutely no reason why toothpaste needs to be mint flavored.
  3. Spoons are little bowls with a handle.
  4. Anything’s a napkin if you’re brave enough.
  5. The sentence “You’re not alone”, depending on the context, can either be really inspiring or really chilling.

Having trouble with your baby maker?

You’re not alone! One in every seven couples experience some form of infertility in Singapore. It happens.

The ancient Greeks have been coming up with weird remedies that date back to the early fourth century B.C.

When we say weird, we really mean weird – like boiled puppy soup and octopus, or stuffing garlic up your honeypot – but apparently, some ancient solutions might really work!

Like fumigating. 

Yes, fumigating. At least that’s what it was called back then, and now it’s hysterosalpingography (HSG) with oil – a fancy term for flushing your lady tubes with iodised poppy seed oil.

New research shows it might actually help with conceiving. Might.

But if you’d like to stay on the safer side

There are modern medical interventions that could help, including:

We didn’t forget! Here’s something for aspiring daddies too:

In this guide, urologist Dr Lee Fang Jann lets us in on reasons for male infertility and the treatments available, such as:

  • Surgery
  • Hormonal treatment
  • Artificial insemination
  • Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)

Find out what works best for you – let us hook you up with the best fertility specialist near you!


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