Stop sitting, Start walking. Don’t be a Sloth

Stop sitting, Start walking. Don’t be a Sloth

Stop sitting, Start walking. Don’t be a Sloth

Fat cells are hoarders

You know those storage rooms in your home that functions as a bomb shelter, but are reaaaally there just for you to put stuff you don’t actually need and probably forgot that you even had?

Yes, those rooms? They’re like the fat cells in your body. 

Except they don’t just store fat. Those adipose tissues store vitamins, hormones, pollutants and toxins that again, you probably didn’t even know you had.

When you lose weight, those rooms shrink, releasing the lipids and other fats into your bloodstream, which eventually exit your body through urine or breath. That includes all the stuff you hoarded – like hormones, fat-soluble vitamins and organic pollutants that were put there when you packed on the pounds in the first place.

Give me back my vitamins

Adipose tissues absorb those fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) and sometimes there isn’t enough left for the rest of your body. 

This is why obese people tend to suffer from vitamin D deficiences, because they’re all forgotten in the storage room that is your fat cell. As you lose weight, these vitamins get dusted off the shelves and are released back into your bloodstream for your body to use. 

Fat is also a temporary space to store pollutants and organic compounds that might be a threat to your body. Instead of having it anywhere near your organs, it’s kept there like a monster in the closet of your fat cells, leaving you vulnerable to exposure. Burning off the fats also help you eliminate these through your pee.

Give your body a Marie Kondo cleanse

If it does not bring you joy (and in this case, does not do your body any good), you should throw it away and burn it off. Your body’s natural filtration system will help you.

The same idea applies to excess fat. Our bodies weren’t designed to hold onto excess body fat, that’s why obesity is a risk factor for so many diseases.

So don’t lose weight for the fat shamers or the ex-boyfriend, do it for your well-being and a healthier version of yourself. 

When you’re ready, here’s our ultimate guide to effectively losing weight by aesthetic doctor, Dr Terence Tan!


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Cartilage conditioning

There’s that age-old saying that if you run too much and too often, you’ll put too much stress on your joints and blow out your knees by the time you’re old. Wrong!

By that logic, how are runners’ knees still so healthy?

Doctors have said that exercise is actually good for your joints and new studies have shown your cartilage isn’t just an inert lump and that it could actually respond and adapt to how much you use it. Bioengineering researcher Bahaa Seedhom dubbed this, “cartilage conditioning”.

Running’s still better than staying on your butt

In fact, a lack of joint stress could actually explain why people who live a sedentary lifestyle develop osteoarthritis. Recent research suggests that cartilage actually does have self-repair abilities with the right combination of exercise and diet. 

At most, these are all theories and hypotheses, and the wonders of our cartilage still remain a mystery. Maybe there’s more to them. Maybe they don’t just function like door hinges. 

We can be certain, though, that exercise in moderation and a proper diet will do your joints good. 

If you experience joint discomfort, Turmeron Joint has got you covered. These Japanese White Turmeric babies help reduce joint inflammation and have key turmeric extracts that will help you manage a range of joint conditions.


Weird & Wonderful

  1. If you look into an aquarium you’re looking through 3 states of matter.
  2. The first ingredient in candy corn is corn syrup; meaning it is literally corn candy.
  3. Lotion is people marinade.


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