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When you don’t know what’s real anymore

These are trying times, and unfortunately, you can never really trust what you read online anymore. 

Fake news is one of the greatest plagues of the digital age, but here at The Pill we guarantee that all our articles are 100% verified and entirely credible. So don’t hesitate to share everything you learn with your friends and family — in fact, we would love it if you did! Maybe you could even ask them to subscribe to The Pill while you’re at it. (Pretty please with a cherry on top?)

Diving into the weird end of the pool

It can be really depressing when all you ever seem to hear about health-wise is Covid-19 updates or some other disease that’s taking the world by a storm. At The Pill, we bring you the weirdest stories in healthcare to brighten up your day when the world itself isn’t doing so great.

Oh what?

Have you heard about the DIY human steak kit or the man who grew a penis on his arm? If you haven’t, don’t try to hide it, we know you already want to know more — and you can! Read all about it at The Pill

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