The Lady who gave Birth to Rabbits

The Lady who gave Birth to Rabbits


London, 1726

Mary Toft was just 25 years old when she delivered her first rabbit. 

Obstetrician John Howard was immediately summoned. The latest “birth” did not appear to be human. It had:

  • Three legs of a Cat of a Tabby Colour
  • One leg of a Rabbit
  • The guts were as a Cat’s 
  • In them were three pieces of the Back-Bone of an Eel

Astonished, Dr Howard wrote to King George I’s most revered doctors.

The cause? Being startled by a rabbit in the fields

By the time the King’s physicians arrived, she’d given birth to 17 more rabbits in total. Mary explained that the strange births began after she’d been startled by a rabbit in the fields. 

This was in line with the theory of “maternal impression” during that era. It outlined that an emotional stimulus experienced by a pregnant woman could influence the development of the fetus.

The ruse is up

Suspicious, the scientists placed Mary in a constantly monitored room. Needless to say, she gave birth to rabbits no more. 

Instead, a porter was caught sneaking a rabbit into her room – “the smallest one he could find”. 

Though the rabbit births weren’t real, the pain was

Mary finally ‘fessed up when the doctors threatened to perform surgery to determine if she had abnormal reproductive organs.

An accomplice had been placing dead rabbits parts into her vagina – these were often inserted with their sharp nails intact. 

Because these animal remains were hidden in her body for weeks, one doctor remarked “it was astonishing she didn’t die of a bacterial infection.”


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It ain’t just UV rays that’s bad for your eyes…

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Oof, it’s blue light!

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The history of birth control

The first record of birth control dates back to an Egyptian manuscript from 1550 B.C.

It directs women to mix dates, acacia, honey, and smear it onto wool to put inside their private parts.

Well, at least it smells nice— even if it doesn’t sound at all conducive!

Scaring men off might just be the best contraception

Some women back then even used lemon rinds or crocodile dung, which makes me wonder – was the aim here to deter their partners from going anywhere near their coochies?? 

Just some food for thought! 🍋 💩 😆

Nowadays, birth control is much easier

Lucky for you lot, modern birth control is super convenient – there are even contraception patches you can just stick on! 

In her latest guide to birth control options in Singapore, Dr Michelle Chia shares some interesting “perks” of going on the pill, which includes:

Alternatively, fight for gender equality: men can play their part too with this list of male contraceptive options


Weird & Wonderful

  1. Most of the floss we use isn’t to floss but to hold the floss.
  2. There’s nothing positive about hearing “My test came back positive.”
  3. Hair is a plant that you unintentionally feed and water.
  4. Brushing your teeth is the only time you clean your skeleton.
  5. Tobacco companies kill their best customers and condom companies kill their future customers.

Agent Woofers – at your service

Airports have had to screen all passengers in order to fight the pandemic.

The Helsinki Airport has an ace up its sleeves – it’s training a team of dogs to sniff out COVID-19 in passengers.

Dogs can detect COVID-19 from sweat on our skin

With a sense of smell that’s 10,000 times more accurate than humans, dogs have already proven their ability to sniff out diseases ranging from cancer to malaria. 

Canines need as little as 10 molecules to detect COVID-19, while current tests require 18,000,000 molecules.

130,000 years of domestic evolution beats technology

And there’s no comparison of speed. Abbott Lab’s rapid COVID-19 test takes 15 minutes to administer

On the other hand, doggos can detect COVID-19 instantly, and without an uncomfortable nasal swab. Now that’s a good boy!


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