Why Netflix binges are worse for you than you think and the low-down on a $10 anti-wrinkle cream

Why Netflix binges are worse for you than you think and the low-down on a $10 anti-wrinkle cream

Why Netflix binges are worse for you than you think and the low-down on a $10 anti-wrinkle cream

There is no chill

It’s so easy to get sucked into the abysmal black hole of a TV series. 

We’ve all been there, especially during the Circuit Breaker period: you binge watch Netflix and let the “Next Episode” button get the better of you.

The next thing you know, it’s two in the morning. Hell no.

Recent research has shown that a binge changes more than the squint of your eyes. Lifestyle changes are affected – from our diet to our sleeping habits.

People on the binge watching bandwagon boast the worst dietary patterns and poorest health-related characteristics. All except the smartphone people, who reported the lowest quality of sleep (ehem, millennials).

Contrary to what we proudly tell recruiters with our resumes, humans aren’t actually great at multitasking, and sitting in front of a screen stops us from putting thought or being mindful. It also stops us from doing more physical activities. For example, eating in front of the TV means a lot less chewing and a lot more fast food consumption.

This study suggests that when people get rid of their screens from their lives at night, magical things can happen. Magical. 

Putting your phone down just two hours before your bedtime is said to give a better night’s rest and reduces stress. Both of which are fantastic for your physical and mental health wellbeing.

Learn to unplug now

Show technology who’s boss and stand up to that “Next Episode” button. Pick up a new hobby. Have a wholesome meal with the fam. Go for a run. Give your eyes a break and don’t let the screen dominate you (except when you read The Pill, mayhaps?)

Still having issues getting your sleep cycle back on track? Here’s the Ultimate Guide to Sleep Disorders in Singapore.


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The battle against mental illness

You’d think tales of knights were a thing of the past, but somewhere in northeast England, a man is decked in full medieval armour with his own dragon to slay; and that is the stigma of mental illness.

We would’ve taken a Grabcar

38-year-old father and charity worker, Lewis Kirkbride, made it his mission to raise awareness of the widespread but largely undiscussed issue of mental health. To date, he marched a whopping 300 miles — that’s two and a half times the distance of one end of Singapore to the other!

His route was fashioned after the one taken in 1066 by King Harold Godwinson, the last Anglo-Saxon king of England, during the Norwegian invasion at that time and with good reason: 

The knight explains, “there’s a metaphor of putting the armour on every day and knowing that I’ve got a 20-mile long slog ahead of me…”, which was just like combating mental illness, “putting on a brave face every day”.

Apparently he’d been wanting to do this even last year — but ultimately decided to go through with it when a local man had taken his own life. 

This wasn’t easy. Like training for a marathon, he took short walks around his hometown first, because the metal’s weight and hold on his body often took a toll on his joints. 

Warms the cockles of our hearts

He partnered with ManHealth and raised twice the amount he had hoped for. The most heartwarming part? The march became a communal effort, with about 300 – 400 people joining in on the (socially distant) procession. 

We’ve gotta hand it to Kirbride for showing us that it’s okay to talk about mental health. It’s not unmanly and it’s actually a brave and courageous thing to do. 

Dealing with mental illness isn’t an easy feat, but it’s all about taking that first step to getting help. Here’s our Ultimate Guide to Seeing a Psychiatrist in Singapore. 

When you’re ready, let us hook you up with the best mental health expert near you!


Weird & Wonderful

  1. The guy that found out about what happened when coke and mentos was mixed was probably just trying to wash it down and it just exploded in their mouth.
  2. If farts were cold, we would almost never smell them, they wouldn’t rise to our noses.
  3. The human bite/jaw strength is pretty weak, so most people could survive a zombie invasion by just putting on winter clothes.
  4. Bread is a yeast block, marmite is yeast paste, and beer is yeast juice.
  5. That joke tape that says “Caution: Biohazard” usually sold at Halloween sure isn’t as funny as it once was.

Your doctor can hook you up with a super effective anti-wrinkle cream for less than 10 bucks

Forget the unnamed shady-looking cream at the dollar store. Your doctor can hook you up with a super effective anti-wrinkle cream!

Tretinoin, or retinoic acid, is a well-known and effective anti-ageing cream. Dermatologists themselves use it all the time, and any doctor can prescribe it.

No, you don’t have to wait till you’re old and wrinkly to use it. The earlier you start using tretinoin, the more benefits you receive. It has been medically proven to reduce, reverse and prevent wrinkles. It also lightens and prevents age spots and pigmentation. 

So if you’d like to give your skin some lovin’ — just drop by your doctor’s office and say hello.


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